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Hansel and Hasbi

NARRATOR : Once upon a time there was twin brothers called Hasbi and Hansel. They lived with their father and stepmother in a tiny cottage at the edge of a huge forest. Their father was a woodcutter and he was very, very poor.
One day they didn’t have any pence of money to buy some foods, so they took their boys deep into the forest and left them there. But …

HASBI      : Hansel, I’m scared  .. where are we now? And where is daddy? I want back to home ..
HANSEL        : Don’t worry Hasbi, I've sprinkled white pebbles along the road when daddy took us away into the forest. So come on! We can go to home Hasbi!
HASBI      : Oh .. you’re so clever Hansel!
NARRATOR : Hasbi and Hansel began to walk. They see the little white pebbles gleaming in the moonlight and they followed them all the way home.Their father was overjoyed to see them. But their stepmother was very angry.
NARRATOR : The next day the woodcutter took them deeper into the forest again. In Hasbi’s pocket was a small piece of bread. He crumbled up the bread along road. But the birds saw the tasty bread and flew down to eat that.Then the woodcutter returned home, leaving Hasbi and Hansel once again.

HANSEL       : Hasbi, daddy left us again. How can we back to home now?
HASBI      : Don’t wory! I have crumbled the bread along the road. So come on! We can followed the bread crumbs now!
HANSEL        : You said you crumbled the bread along this road?! What is the prove?! Nothing bread along this road Hasbi ! you lie to me Hasbi !
HASBI      :  I don’t lie to you Hansel! In this road I …. Oh no! where is the bread?! Hansel sorry, we can’t back to home again. Maybe the birds ate my bread crumbs along the road.
HANSEL       : Oh damn! What must we do now? I’m very hungry Hasbi .. I want to eat a piece of cake ..
HASBI       : Hold on your hungry Hansel. Let’s walk first, maybe we can find the house of people here.

NARRATOR  : Then, Hasbi and Hansel walking deeper and deeper into the forest. They were hungry and tired. Finally, after walking for a long time, they saw a cottage made of chocolate, candies, and cake.
HASBI      : Look Hansel! A cottage mades from cakes, and chocolates. Hemm, so yummy Hansel!
HANSEL       : Wow! What a wonderful house! Let eat that Hasbi!

NARRATOR : When they eat that house, an evil old witch watching that. She opened door and ….

WITCH       : Who’s that overthere?
HANSEL        : Ahhh , who are you?! *hiding in behind Hasbi*
HASBI       : Ohh, sorry madam we disturb you. We can’t back to home and we’re hungry. When we walking, we see your cottage made from many cake, chocolates, and candies. So we eat your cottage. Sorry Madam …
WITCH         : Oh, no problem. You can eat again if you hungry. Are you hungry now? Lets eat more cakes and chocolates inside my house. Come on!
H & H           : Horraayyy !

NARRATOR : But, as soon as they stepped inside the house the nasty witch grabbed Hasbi. She put her inside a cage and locked her in. Then she gave her lots of food to fatten her up.

WITCH         : Eat this!
HASBI       : What will you doing to me?!
WITCH       : Hee, hee, hee! I’m going to eat you! Hee, hee, hee.
HASBI       : No, you can’t eat me. You’re a wick witch! Open this cage now! Hansell hep me please !!
HANSEL        : Let her go witch!
WITCH         : NO ! She must in this cage until she fat. And I will eat her. After I eat your brother I will eat you. Ha ha ha ha.
HANSEL         : You can’t eat us! You can’t!
WITCH          : SHUT UP! Clean this room now. This the broom. Get sweeping now! And you! Eat that foods now!

NARRATOR : The next day the evil old witch see Hasbi to check if he was getting fatter or not.

WITCH       : Let me feel your finger.
HASBI       : This.
WITCH       : Too thin, too thin! Eat again.
NARRATOR : Everyday, everytime the witch always looked Hasbi fingers. But Hasbi always put the chicken bone in her finger.  One day the witch grew very impatient.  And she want to eat Hasbi now.

WITCH       : I can’t wait it! I’m going to eat you now! I want cook you in oven. HANSELLL ! come in !
HANSEL        : What happened madam?
WITCH         : Opened this oven and turn on the fire now!
HANSEL       : I can’t see the fire.

NARRATOR : The witch opened the door wider.

WITCH        : This! Turn on now!
HANSEL       : I still can’t see the fire.
WITCH       : There it is! Work it!
HANSEL        : Sorry madam, i don’t know how to turn on this oven. Can you tell me how to turn on this oven madam?
WITCH         : Stupid! You only must work with this step.
HANSEL        : Hummm, and …?
WITCH         : Go to deeper and turn on now. It is very easy, right?
HANSEL         : Yeah, it’s very easy. But now you must go to hell. Good bye! *closed the oven door*
WITCH          : *bak bak* Open this door now! Ohhh, hotttt hotttt! It’s very hot in this oven! *bak bak* Open it pleaseeee ! Hottttttt hotttttt!!
HANSEL          : Sorry madam, I can’t open it. Come on Hasbi we go out from this house. Bye evil witch!
HASBI         : Bye witch. I found the witch treasure in the cage. Let pick it Hansel! Good bye witch.
WITCH           : Noo, nooo! Don’t take my treasure! Noo, hottt, open this! Opennn!!. Ohhh hotttt!

NARRATOR : And they back to home and live happy with their father forever …

Group 6 :
M. Hasbi Islahi Azam (22)
Muhtadi Ihsan (26)
Zahra Nadzirah (35)

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