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Last Holiday
            Hello everyone! How are you? Before I start telling you about my holiday, I wanted to say Happy New Year 2017, everyone! May this year be better that the last one.
            So, after we studied for about four months and finished the final exam, we finally got our school break for about two weeks.  I spent my holiday at Bandung since most of my family live in Bandung.
            From 24th until 29th December 2016, I spent my school break at home since my parents still have to go to work. At home, I watched all the movies that I couldn’t watch because of homework, test, and school stuff. I also watch some popular Korean drama to spend all my freetime.
            Then on 30 December 2016, my cousin from Jakarta came to my house and finally, I went out with them. We went to Tahura (Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda), a popular spot for Bandung citizen or foreigner. This place has a very important part in Indonesia’s History.
            After we arrived at Tahura, we first took photos around there until my cousin found something interesting. He found a spot full of hammocks. He wanted to take a photo in the hammock so badly. So, we decided to ask the operator about how to climb the hammock since it’s so tall. The operator told us that if we want to take a photo, we have to register first and pay twenty thousand rupiah each person. So, we register and paid the price, after the operator finished the administration, he told us to wait until he called my aunt’s name. So we wait for about 15 minutes until he called us.
            He then told us to wear the safety belt first before climbing and after we finished wearing those safety belt, he told us to climb the tree so we can sit at the hammock. The first one to climb is my cousin since he wanted to sit at the tallest hammock. Next was my uncle the my sister and then my younger cousin. At first, she was going to sit in the fourth hammock but she was so afraid so she then sat on the fifth one. Next was my older cousin and her brother sit at the fourth hammock. Last one is me, I sat on the sixth hammock. At first, you’ll be afraid that the hammock might flip and then you’ll fall but after a while you wouldn’t be afraid anymore and find that sitting on the hammock was quite fun and relaxing.
            After we took so many photo and phhhoto, an application to create a moving photo, we went down one by one. When all of us finished taking off the safety belt and putting on our shoes, we went out from Tahura since my uncle and the boys must do one of our prayers, Sholat Jumat. While they do their prayers, we bought some drinks and snacks to fill a bit of our empty stomach. We also discussed where we wanted to go next, some wanted to go to the Japan cave but some wanted to go to Wale, a restaurant that in my opinion sell one of the best chicken noodle and meatballs. So, we did a voting and decided to go to Wale, since most of us voted to eat cause all of us already hungry. After we ate at Wale, we all decided to call it a day and went back home.
            The next day, 31st December 2016, the last day on 2016, I went to Maribaya with my cousin and my family. Since it’s weekend, my parents can join us. We went to my uncle’s café at Maribaya. The café was so comfortable and feels like home. The café called Kidang Nyaring, they sell many kinds of coffee, doughnuts, and pizzas. We chat for a while and took photos before moving to Day and Night Cafe, this place is a restaurant that have so many birds. We ate lunch there and also saw kinds of birds. The food was delicious and the birds there are beautiful.
            At New Year's eve, we ordered delivery pizzas and have a small barbeque party. While the others were sleeping, i couldn't sleep so i decided to continue watching Korean drama until half past one in the morning before i decided to sleep.
         The next day until the day before school.

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