Senin, 20 Februari 2017

Learning from Nature

Learning from Nature

            Nature is the physical world and everything in it such as plants, animals, land, water, ocean, stars and things that can’t be made by human. Nature is God’s greatest boon to mankind. The land where we built our home, the air that keep us alive, the water and sunlight that help plants to grow it is all nature and that’s why nature become God’s greatest gift to us.
            In this modern era, human’s attitude towards nature are giving more effect to our nature. There’s a good attitude and a bad one. There are people who cares for nature, they take care of the plants, reduce using things that will harm nature like cars, plastic bag, spray, etc. But of course when there’s a good one there’ll be also the bad one. Beside those who cares, there are people who neglected nature or even destroy. They took benefits from destroying our nature like killed animals so they can sell the furs or cut the trees so they can make papers and sell them.
            Well, of course when someone do bad things to nature, not only will that person who feel the effect but most of mankind would also feel the effect. For example, global warming is nature destruction because of mankind’s lifestyle and attitude towards nature. What’s the effect from global warming? Well first, with global warming that keep on increasing each day, our earth will keep on getting hotter and hotter. The second effect is that maybe one day, all of the ice in North and South pole will melt and covers the land with water. If that really happen, can we survive?
            That horrible tragedy are still in the future and we can still reduce the effect by taking care our nature. How can we take care of our nature? It’s easy, first you can start by throwing trash in its place then start growing some plants to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere. Then to reduce global warming, we can start by using public transportation or using a bike. By using a bike, you can reduce global warming and keep your body healthy.

            There’s a lot of benefits and services that we get from nature even if we don’t realize it. Like for example, nature’s services. We may don’t realize it but we won’t survive without nature service and what kind of service that nature gave us? Nature give us oxygen from plants for free, we don’t have to pay for the oxygen that keep us alive. Then, water that come from the rain that provides us waters to fulfill our daily needs. Then, the sunshine that took an important role in our life as our eternal light and also help plants to grow.
            Beside services, nature also gave us a lot of benefits. Like nature can release worry and stress, they can also simulate our imagination, and also they can be our source of inspiration especially for artist or musician.
            But, what can we really learn from nature? Well, after knowing nature’s services, benefits, how to take care of nature, we can finally learn that the best thing are truly free like nature. We don’t need to pay to plants for providing us oxygen, or to rain and sunshine that gave us water and light, or to the beautiful nature that gave us inspiration. All we need to do is be grateful for the nature that god gift to us and paying them by taking care of them not destroying them. Be grateful and started your first action to give our earth and the next generation a better future that can grow smile in everyone's face.

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