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Dewa Athena and Paman Gober 2017

Dewa Athena and Paman Gober 2017

            Dewa Athena is an anunual event in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, it was held almost every year. It’s a sport event where the tenth and eleventh graders can participate in many kinds of sport competition like basketball match, soccer, dodge ball, badminton, relay race, tug of war, volley ball, and others.
            This event was held for 5 days. Two days each for the tenth and eleventh graders’s competition and one day for the finals. For this year, it was held on 23rd to 25th of March, 1st and 8th April 2017. Since I am a tenth grader, I will only tell you guys the Dewa Athena for the tenth graders.
            For us, it was held on 25th March, 1st and 8th April 2017 and it’s located on our school field, Lapangan Bali. The event start at 7 o’clock in the morning and it’s start with an opening ceremony. After the ceremony, each class was given a schedule and a liaison officer (LO), a person who helps us with our schedule and communicate with the committee. Our first match is the relay race against acceleration class. Because of a miss communication between us and the LO, we are almost eliminated but luckily, they gave us another chance and we compete in the relay race which we lost.
            The next match is the soccer match. For the soccer,badminton and dodgeball branch, each class have to send two groups, one boy team and one girl team. I will tell you about the girl team first. For the girls, first we played soccer againts class X-Science-3. Most of the girls in my class are so good at makeup and feminime things but are bad at sports so we ended up losing in this match. It’s also went the same for dodge ball where we up against X-Science-1. All of the girls are either avoiding the ball or tried to catch the ball but failed. We lost in both soccer and dodge ball but in badminton, we’re up for a comeback. Our players, Desi and Qinthari shocked us because they played well. We didn’t expected that they can beat X-Science-6 and X-Science-8 quite easily. With their victory, for the first time, the girls group went to semifinals. On the semifinal, we’re up againts acceleration and it was an intense match. Their score are so close making us, the supporter felt tense. But in the end, we lost about two points from them. That’s the end for the girls team.
            Next, is the boys. For boys, they played basketball,soccer,badminton and dodgeball. The first match is the badminton one where Haykal and Muhtadi played for us. On the first match, they’re up againts X-Social where they won the match but the second match againts X-Science-5, we lost because Haekal who replace Muhtadi who’s sick got injured before the match so he can’t played very well. Then, the soccer match. First, we’re up againts X-Science-5 and in this match we can beat them quite easily since Rafli score around four goals for us so we won. Then, we compete againts X-Social where our goalkeeper was hurt by one of X-Social’s team member. It created a scene for a while where our classmates run up to him and ask if he’s alright while the player who hurt him was replaced since he done something which he shouldn’t done. In the end, we lost againts them but it’s alright. Next up is dodgeball which I can’t believe that the boys can play so well and bring us to the final game againts X-Science-6. Well, me and my friends are technically didn’t not expected the boys will win againts X-Science-6 since the boys came from X-Science-6 are a bit to atheletic and a bit of stronger. The results are just like i expected to be, we lost but it doesn’t matter, we won the second place. It also went well in the basketball match. Where our class got into semifinal. In the semifinal, we’re up againts X-Science-2 where we ended up losing the match because X-Science-2 are too good on this sport.
            For the boys and girls group, beside the relay race, we have tug of war, volley ball, and gobak sodor. Gobak sodor is an Indonesian traditional games where they are two teams, one who guarded and one who attacked. For tug of war, volleyball and gobak sodor, we lost the game but we enjoyed and have fun playing that games together.
             There’s also another annual event in SMAN 3 Bandung which related to sports. Paman Gober is an event where students and teacher go cycling together around Bandung. This event was held on the same day as the final for Dewa Athena which is on 8th April 2017. In this event, students can choose either to bring their own bike or rent the ones the school provides.
            It was an amazing experience for a tenth grader like me. I hope next year both Dewa Athena and Paman Gober will be better and more fun that this year.


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