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Hello everyone! This is Zahra and it’s nice to meet you all. Before I continue telling you about myself I want to tell you that this is my first post and I hope you enjoy my story and also forgive me if I made some mistake.
So, let me start with introduction. My full name is Zahra Nadzirah but you all can call me Rara or Zahra, it’s up to you. I was born in Bandung, 5th July 2001 and I’ve been living in Bandung since I was born. Currently, I’m studying at 3 Senior High School which people says the best school in Bandung. Being part of 3 Senior High School was my dream and my greatest achievement since 3 Senior High School is everyone’s dream school.
I live in Dago with my small yet happy family. I have a daddy that work as an architect also have an additional task to take me and my sister to school every morning. He’s a great father and I love him. My mommy is a great woman. She work at the office from morning until evening but she can still do housework like cooking, cleaning, and washing. She’s also a talented woman who will spend her free time playing the piano. I also have one little sister that sweet but sometimes annoying. She’s currently studying at 7 Junior High School and just graduated elementary school last July. She’s maybe annoying but she’s still my sister and I love her.
Hobby? Well about hobby, I love reading especially novels. I really love reading novel since it can make me feel relaxed and make me forget about my tasks for a whileJ. My favorite authors is Ilana Tan and Ika Natassa. I love Ika Natassa novels because of it’s plot. She can make one simple word or paragraph but the feeling was so deep and sometimes I didn’t expected the outcome or the ending of the plot. Believe me when I say Ika Natassa’s novels are good because i haven’t move on from one of her story until now. For all of you who like to read, I recommended you to read her novel, Critical Eleven. Beside reading, I like to write in my free time. I haven’t really published my writings and I haven’t thought of publishing them, maybe later but with writing, I feel like I can pour all of my mind to pieces of paper. I also like swimming and every two weeks, I will go swimming with my family.
I already told you about myself, my family, and my hobby. How about my dream? Dream. One word that contains your goal for the future. I want to be a doctor. People say doctors are rich because of their high salaries. But for me, I want to became a doctor because I want to help those in need not the salary. But to be a doctor you have to study really really hard and compete with thousands of people who also wanted to be doctor. So i'm going to give all i had and study very hard to make my dream come true.

Next, my new friends. I met them when i was in faksi 5. There i met this super duper funny girl named Audira who can make us laugh all the time. Then there is Diva the sweet person yet she can laugh for the whole 10 minutes or she can laugh at something that we don't consider funny and super important note, Diva is so so so afraid of CATS! She can scream so loud and hold you so tightly when a cat walk closer to her. Then there is Safira who we use to call Sapi. She's a smart person and she's so good at drawing. Then there's Fia and another important note, she isn't present in the photo because everytime we took pictures, she always missing like one moment she was beside us and the next moment she's nowhere to be found. Last, Yasmin, she cute but i'm cuter, she's small but i'm smaller haha. She's a good friend who can give you advice when you have some trouble.

So, that's all about me, this is my first blog so more to come and of course, there'll be lots of things or experience that i'll share with you all. Thank's and see youu in my next post, good night and have a sweet dream



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