Senin, 05 September 2016



On Saturday, 20th August 2016, all of the student from 32018 and 32019 attend an event called World Tournament and Techno Fest or WTTF for short. So, on that day, we all gathered in Lapangan Bali at 6.30 am and waited for a while. After waiting until 7am, the committee opened the event. They started by joining the 32018 and 32019 into one group based on our class. My class, X IPA 9 was joined with XI IPA 9 and we must compete with our seniors in games.

First off all, the committee checked our presence before starting the game. Then we walked to the first post that is pluto. The post in this game was called based on the planets in our solar system. Well, pluto is not in our solar system anymore but for this event is an exception. On this post, we must compete with our seniors in making a robot from recycle materials. In this post, we lost the game but it doesn't matter.

Then, we move to Photography Park and there we played twister. In this game, we sent two person to compete in this game. From our class we sent Fariz and Muhtadi. Both team played well and end up tie. So the committee decided to give both of us a puzzle pieces each. Next we went to our school to play another games. First we played, a video game called Taken where we win the game. Next, we played human chain where we must make a human chain to get the puzzle pieces and to make the human chain we must answer some question. Then, we went to another post where in this post we must compete in an eating contest. Sabina and Qinthari was the one who compete and win in this competition.

Then we moved to Music Park to play a game called "Second Rank" where our group sent 5 person that is Brama, Sabrina, Uno, Fariz, and Rania. In this game, Brama won the game as the first rank but since the name of the game is "Second Rank" so our senior wins. After that we went to Lapangan Bali again but i didn't stay until the end of the event. I, Sabina, Brama, Aqiila, Uno, and Rania must go home first since we need to decorate for our Halal Bihalal.

That's the end of my story about WTTF. Sorry if i made mistakes, thank you and see you.


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