Senin, 26 September 2016

My Unforgettable Moment

My Unforgettable Moment

Hello, this is my fifth post and i wanted to tell you about one of my unforgettable moment. You can see this as a good or bad memory based on your point view.
So, when i was a little girl around 5 years old, my parents took me to Jakarta to visit my grandmother in the hospital since she just had a surgery. I went to the hospital with my big family and when we arrived, we took the elevator to my grandmother's room. What i didn't expected is that this elevator will held one of unforgettable moment in my life.
So, after we arrived at my grandmother's room, the adults started to talk about something that a 5 years old girl wouldn't understand so i played with my cousin, Bita and talked about cartoons, children movies, and other stuff related to elementary school.
Around 12 pm, i was so hungry and asked my mother for food. She said that we'll have lunch at a restaurant near the hospital in a while. So, i waited patiently and finally, my mother took us to the restaurant. We ate to fill our energy so that we can continue play. While,we're eating, the adults prayed at the a near by mosque. After everyone done eating and praying, we all go back to the hospital.
When we arrived, i and Bita went ahead to the elevator to press the up button and waited for the elevator. Then, when the door were opened, we step inside before the adults and didn't notice that the elevator's door went close. I turned around to see that the door were already closed and the elevator went up without any of us pressing the number button.
It went up and up and up until the highest floor. When the door opened, all that i can see is a room full of desk and computers like an office. Strangely, there's none in that room but since i'm still a child, i just positive thinking and thought that the people are busy treating patients.
My cousin, Bita was panic. She's afraid that we will stuck in this floor forever. I tried to remember which floor my grandmother's room was but it's a waste since i couldn't remember. But, luckily i remember the floor of the lobby. So,i decided to press button '1' and the elevator went down. When the elevator's door opened,i saw my mother and aunt looking very worried. My mother told me to never step in to the elevator before an adult you know ever again. From that experience that until i'm old enough, i cannot step in to an elevator without an adult's guidance.
So, that is my unforgettable moment and i hope you enjoyed. I'm sorry if there's any mistakes since i'm still learnimg. Thank you....


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