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            Hello! It’s good to see you again. Today, i’m going to tell you about a place that i always wanted to visit since i was still a little girl. The place is .............TOKYO DISNEYLAND!

            Tokyo Disneyland is a theme park that located in Tokyo Disney Resort, Urayasu, Chiba, Japan. The main theme of this theme park is fairy tail or Disney’s characters like Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Donald Duck, and many more. It was constructed to have the same style as Disneyland in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida.
            Tokyo Disneyland was opened on 15th April 1983 and became the first disney park to be built outside the United States. It’s been operating for over 30 years. On 2011, after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, Tokyo Disneyland was closed but after a month, they reopened. This disneyland is the only disney park to not be wholly or partly owned by Walt Disney Company since it’s owned by The Oriental Land Company. 

            The themed areas in Tokyo Disneyland are
A. World Bazaar
primary shopping area of Tokyo Disneyland.

B.Adventure Land
New Orleans and jungle themed area.

Magic Kingdom-style park and an old west themed park.

D.Critter Country
a small area of the park and is dominated by single major attraction, Splash Mountain.

Magic Kingdom theme parks with Cinderella Castle where we can watch all Disney's classic movie
There is a lot of attraction in Tokyo Disneyland like rollercoaster, haunted house, and other attraction which is named based in classic disney fairy tales or characters like Minnie's House based on Minnie Mouse, Cinderella's castle based on classic disney fairy tail “Cinderella”, Haunted Mansion that on 2003, disney created a movie based on this attraction, Alice's Tea Party based on Alice in Wonderland, and Pooh's Hunny Hut based on Winnie The Pooh.There is also a special attraction like parade that they called Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: Dreamlights (Night) and Happines is Here (Day) also fireworks that they named Once Upon A Time but on 2016-2017 there is a special firework attraction called Sky High Wish.

Why do i want to go to Tokyo Disneyland? Because since i was a little girl, i always like disney and hoped one day i can go to one of those disneyland. And Tokyo Disneyland is one of the nearest disneyland cause it’s still in Asia. Beside that, i’m intrested to try all of the attraction that they had and i believe i’m still not to old for disney even Walt Disney said “laughter has no time, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.”
That’s all for today, thank youu.....

Questions about Tokyo Disneyland :

1.What is the synonym of construct?
    a . demote
    b. annihilate
    c. manufacture
    d. demolish
    e. wreck

2. What is the antonym of dominate?
    a. neglect
    b. dictate
    c. monopolize
    d. prevail
    e. overcome

3.What kind of prefix that the word reopened  use? What does that prefix mean?
    a. bi - two
    b. an - again
    c. re - acting on
    d. un - opposite
    e. re - again

4. These following statement are true based on the text, except...
    a.  Tokyo Disneyland is the first disney park to be built outside the United States.
    b. Tokyo Disneyland is located in Urayasu.
    c. Critter Country is a New Orleans and jungle themed area.
    d.  Tokyo Disneyland was opened on 15th April 1983
    e. It's been operating for 30 years.

5. What is the antonym od devastating?
   a. overwhelming
    b. dictate
    c. destructive
    d. blessed
    e. annihilating

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