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Culture Festival : Megantara 2016

Culture Festival


Hello, Rara is backk!! So today, i’m going to tell you about one of SMAN 3 Bandung’s amazing event called the Culture Festival which this year name is MEGANTARA. So, this event is different from other school’s event. Other school called it Pensi or Pentas Seni but we called it Festival Sastra Seni Budaya or Culture Festival because we showed lots of unique and kinds of Indonesian Culture from culinary, fashion, arts, music, performance, traditional dances, and traditional games.
            Lucky me, i became one of the committee and became the part of finance division. My job was to sell SMAN 3 Bandung’s merchandise like sticker, tote bag, hoodie, jacket, and T-shirt to the other student especially my faction, Faction 5. Job number two is to held a garage sale with my seniors at Car Free Day Dago to increase our funds. That’s all my job and we worked for a month before the event.
            The day of the event, i gathered at Lapangan Bali at 5 am and we had a briefing first. Then the first on the list is a Parade for students from kinder gardens and the grade 10. The parade went around Bandung and one of the contestant was my old kinder garden, TK Bunda Ganesaa and they win the first place YEYY!! After the parade they are several performance from SMAN 3’s extraculicular and other traditional dances community in Bandung.
            Around 12 pm, i got a job to became the cashier for Bread Pit’s Food Ttruck until 4 pm. There’s a lot of people that buy Bread Pit’s food. After my shift was done, Lapangan Bali were already crowded with people.
            Around 5 pm, the main event started. First of all, we have T’sT or Tiloe’s Theater who performed a musical drama with a theme of Technology vs Culture and they also had a parody of Suicide Squad, Joker and Harley Quinn. Their performance was AMAZINGG!! I really enjoyed their drama.  After that, there is some performance of traditional dances and Indonesia’s amazing traditional theater of wayang.
            After lots of traditional performance, we finally had our guest star to perform, THE CHANGCUTERSS!!! Their performance really rocked all of the people in Lapangan Bali. I really enjoyed their performance, they really made my Saturday night. I can completely forgot about my task, homework, test, and other school things for a while.
            After The Changsuters, another guest star perform at Megantara. RAN. Well, if changsuters made you really really can’t stop moving, RAN will made your Saturday night much more calm. They sang so teenage songs and really really perfect for those single people to spend their Saturday night.
            Around 10 pm, the event ended and it’s a HUGE SUCCESS!!!! Even though there’s still some things that we must fix for the future culture festival, but Megantara is still AN AMAZING EVENT AND IT’S  A HUGE SUCCESS FOR US ALL ESPECIALLY OUR SENIORS, 32017!!!
            My wish for the future that the seniors from grade 11, 32018 and us, 32019 can make a better culture festival that will always give the people impression that SMAN 3 Bandung will always be the best school and the school that will always loves Indonesia’s culture more than the other school.

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